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The Infinite Luxury of Franklin’s q50

The Stats:


Fpf 3 piece wheels 19x11Airforce strutsAirlift 3p suspension managementSpl front control armMegan racing rear toe/traction/camber arms


Complete blitz kit

Custom headlights

Driven by style Splitter

Custom motorcyne quad exaust tips Drama speed duckbill trunk

Outcast garage carbon side mirrors

Outcast garage carbon roof spoiler

Outcast garage carbon trunk trim

Jdm skyline windows visors

Evo R rear fog light/brake light

Luxury abstract pillars

Follow the Build and Photographer on Instagram Via

Owner: @franklinvictoria

Photographer: @rexjones_

For More Media Follow is:

Facebook: @thefittedelite

Instagram: @fittedelite

Twitter: @fittedelite

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